Legal Training Courses

Practical training on fire safety legislation from one of the country’s leading fire safety solicitors.

A typical course covers:

  • Enforcement policy
  • Cautioning suspects
  • Investigation process
  • Prosecution Case file preparation
  • The responsible Person and persons with control
  • Statement taking
  • Mock trials

We also deliver the  ‘Advanced Legal Case File’ course, designed for Fire Officers with some experience of the Court process and which cover the following areas:

  • Analysing a case file to assess the extent of the evidence against the RP
  • Identifying evidence against more than one Defendant
  • Evidencing relevant persons
  • Analysing whether relevant persons were put at risk of death or serious injury
  • Compiling Committal bundles for Crown Court
  • Drafting Unused Material schedules
  • Dealing with Disclosure prior to interview
  • Proceeding against commercial Defendants
  • A consideration of Hearsay Evidence

Warren Spencer is a specialist fire safety solicitor and is amongst the most experienced solicitors in fire safety in the UK, having acted in over 100 cases involving the regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

He provides pragmatic fire safety legal training  across England and Wales to a range of public and private sector groups. Warren currently prosecutes for Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Services.

To find out more about the training services we provide contact Warren on 01253 629 299 or email


On March 1st 2013, Mr Warren Spencer (fire safety solicitor) attended a Crown Premises Inspection Group (CPIG) business forum at my request.

I was acquainted with Warren as I am a former fire safety inspecting officer and he had successfully prosecuted a number of cases I had been involved in. However, the work of CPIG is significantly different and more specialised than that of local authority. So I gave Warren a brief of what input we needed and he tailored a presentation to suit our needs.

He spoke to us for over three hours and the whole team were greatly impressed by his breadth of knowledge and understanding. Coupled with this, Warren has a natural, relaxed presentation style which certainly brings out the best in an audience. All felt comfortable participating in what turned out to be an extremely lively debate.

As a testament to the quality of the content and delivery which Warren displayed it is worth noting that three of our team elected to take a slightly later train home to the South coast (from Lancaster) in order to remain until the end of the session. They did this in the knowledge that the later train would take nearly two extra hours to their destination.

Clive Webster, Eng Tech, GIFireE.

Crown Fire Inspector

Office of the Chief Fire & Rescue Advisor

Crown Premises Inspection Group


In 2009, GMFRS recognised that it had a skills gap amongst its staff. As a local enforcing authority, GMFRS found that many of its enforcing officers were struggling to confidently prosecute serious offences under, in particular, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. A significant number of staff had received legal training but were not demonstrating confidence or competency in investigation, interviewing and case file preparation.

Consequently, GMFRS approached Warren P Spencer to assist in the training of all GMFRS enforcement staff. Warren directly delivered first class training and in addition, helped GMFRS further develop their own packages. Through a combination of presentations, exercises and role play the effect on staff has been transformational. The local enforcement teams in GMFRS now have the confidence to take legal action against persons who disregard fire safety law and put the public at risk. Many successful prosecutions have since been achieved.

Paul Vester

Protection Officer

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service


Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service have utilised Warren Spencer’s Services for over three years as our Legal professional of choice with regards to bringing prosecutions and defending appeals in our capacity as the enforcing authority for the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Warren’s knowledge of the RR(FS)O and ability to build a case is exceptional and he is always on hand for advice. Any work Warren has undertaken for the Service has been delivered to the highest standard and always with positive outcomes. I would without hesitation recommend Warren’s services to any organisation who require legal representation in the field of Technical Fire Protection.

Mike Smith

Fire Protection Manager

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service


Hereford and Worcester FRS’s legal representation for Technical Fire Safety was transferred to Blackhurst Budd solicitors and specifically Warren Spencer in 2011.  An area that HWFRS has benefitted from in this move is the training that Warren has provided the department in relation to processes, procedures, best practice and in particular the Fire Safety Order. For the first time, the department has been developed in the legal field of Technical Fire Safety with relevant, specific training at a fraction of the cost of past training providers. The department will continue to utilise Warren’s knowledge and experience to further enhance the legal skills of its fire safety officers, ensuring that the Service is fully prepared for any required enforcement activity under the Fire Safety Order.

Jon Butlin

Technical Fire Safety Department

Policy and Development

Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service


I have observed Warren deliver training to Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service and another Fire & Rescue Service. Both have used (and continue to use) Warren to prosecute Fire Safety Order cases at Magistrates Court and the training is relevant and based on case studies. The culmination of the training focuses the students to the difficulty of prosecuting cases where the evidence that they will ultimately gather is incomplete or unnecessarily brief. The experience that Warren brings to training scenarios cannot be underestimated. Learning outcomes are very clear, particularly when the fire safety officer being trained may produce a case file the day after the training has finished to instruct a solicitor to proceed with a prosecution.

Dez Rigg

NW Fire Safety Trainer

Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service