Fire Risk Assessment

Our key asset is our knowledge.  We are able to advise on what is safe, but from a cost-effective point of view, our understanding of the law enables us to be clear on what a court will demand and therefore not put you to any unnecessary cost.  In many cases we not only are able to ensure your premises are safe but save you money in the process.

Richard Stott has reviewed and advised upon many Fire Risk Assessments since the Fire Safety Order brought them into being in 2006.  Prior to that he had significant experience and training in the Workplace Fire Precautions Regulations which also utilised by risk assessment as its main tool.  One of the principle aspects of his role as Head of Fire Safety for Lancashire was to scrutinise all aspects of fire safety enforcement and prosecution; a significant part of any case being examination of the suitability or otherwise of the fire risk assessment.  Subsequently Richard has carried out risk assessment from the other side of the fence working for various companies.  His experience, initially as an enforcer of the law and subsequently as a fire consultant means that he is expertly equipped to provide a service that ensures compliance with the law and provides a high-quality products that ensures your premises and staff are safe.

The process is that Richard will make an appointment with the manager of your premises.  The premises will then be surveyed and any existing fire risk assessment reviewed.  The initial feedback will be provided to the manager on the day and that the final risk assessment complete with colour coded action plan will be forwarded within 14 days.  The risk assessment action plan will be coded so that items requiring urgent attention are highlighted, agreed timescales will be identified for the items and items which are just good practice Will be identified as to be done if desired.


General Consultancy

We are able to develop fire strategy and policy for new and renovated premises, ensuring compliance.  We can also provide pre-purchase advice, so that you may be clear on what costs are likely to be required for fire precautions.


Health and Safety

We also have the qualifications, skills and experience to undertake Health and Safety risk assessments should you require them.



Full public liability and professional indemnity insurance is held.